High spirits at Chingay 2020

High spirits at Chingay 2020


Lily Chan, a breast cancer survivor at this year’s Chingay Parade.(PHOTO: Nur Shazlina Ibrahim)


Lily Chan participant in Chingay 2020 has shown that she has an ability to overcome hardships and get things done, no matter how bad circumstances get. 


Chingay 2020, featured a PA60 bridge of harmony float that represented the efforts of People Association (PA) in formation of various communities in Singapore together and how Singaporeans have been living harmoniously together through the years.


Lily wanted to do something for the breast cancer foundation as she felt that the foundation had done a lot of her.  As a breast cancer survivor, she wanted to contribute as much as she possibly could to society as well. 


Over the years, there have been many heart-warming stories seen around us that portray our community spirit of Diversity.


This year’s parade had participants of all races and ages coming together to put on an amazing parade. 


The coronavirus had also become a distinct issue in the society and yet, the Chingay parade still went on with determined performers giving their best.  


The training sessions were two to three months long. Lily had volunteered to sew costumes for the performances too. In some training sessions, there was  a shortage of participants which made it difficult. However, she did not give up even though some of her members decided to quit halfway and were unwilling to commit for the performance.


“You can still have fun and enjoy life even after beating cancer. You can truly be happy.” said cancer survivor, Lily.


Throughout this period, the most memorable thing about this parade to her was that she was the leader of her group in this parade. 


She had participated in multiple chingay parades but it was Lily’s first time leading. 


According to Lily, her teammates were helpful throughout the parade and she would not have had as much fun if it were not for them. 


Lily’s positive outlook on life is something that we can all look up to.

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