People’s Association commemorates 60th Anniversary

People’s Association celebrates 60th Anniversary

by Erna Shahirah and Hannah Othman,

Republic Polytechnic Diploma in Mass Communication


People’s Association (PA) will celebrate its 60th Anniversary at Chingay this year on Jan 31 and Feb 1 at the F1 Pit Building. Featuring their PA60 Bridge of Harmony float, it includes hand-drawn tiles by Singaporeans to highlight their efforts in strengthening the community spirit among Singaporeans.


Chingay is an annual event organised by PA and for this year’s theme, Colours in Harmony, it showcases Singapore’s multiculturalism and diversity. PA has always focused on community building and ensuring that people from different backgrounds are able to come together to achieve a common goal.


What sets this year’s Chingay apart from other would be the PA60 float. Prior to Chingay preparations, PA went around the heartlands and encouraged residents to co-create and contribute to the design of the float by designing their very own ‘Harmony’ tiles.


These tiles will then be used as part of the float. They can draw or write what community in harmony means to them and at the same time pledge their confidence towards contributing to the future of Singapore.


What show-goers can expect is a vibrant and colourful segment from PA. In the first part, it focuses on the colours green and orange, with the theme of bringing people together. There are over 400 performers involved in the first part consisting of people from secondary school, tertiary institutions and volunteers.


“It provides an opportunity for each one of them to know each other better and they really become strangers to friends,” said Ms. Nur Diyana Mohamed Firdous, the Contingent Leader for PA’s segment this year.


The second travelling dance segment comprises mainly of the Bridge of Harmony float and PA division performers. The performers and also the float will be decked in red, which is the primary focus for this segment. This is where the PA60 celebrations will begin involving flash mob performers as well as a huge banner unveiled with PA60 gold and silver balls to bring about a celebratory mood.


PA strongly believes in collaborating and working hand in hand with communities for the future of Singapore. Chingay is one of the many projects where PA has turned this vision of theirs into a reality.


Ms. Diyana, who has been working for PA and has worked on Chingay for the past nine years emphasises that Chingay is the best opportunity for Singaporeans to get to know one another and forge meaningful bonds between all the different races.


“No matter how different or what we believe in differently, there’s always reasons for us to be able to come together and present something together,” she said.


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A People’s Association volunteer dances with a sign which is one of their community spirit values alongside students from Christchurch Secondary School. (PHOTO: Nur Fadhilah)

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