• 1973


    First Chingay Parade

    PA teamed up with Singapore National Pugilistic Federation to present the First Chingay Parade.

  • 1976


    Multi-Cultural Flavour

    Chingay took on a Multi-Cultural Flavour featuring different ethnic communities joining in the celebrations.

  • 1985


    Orchard Road

    Chingay move to a permanent home at Orchard Road where tourists and other visitors can join in the joy of the parade.

  • 1987


    First Foreign Performers

    Chingay welcome Our First Foreign Performers – four pop artistes from Tokyo, Japan, sponsored by The Straits Times. Since then, it has become a norm for Chingay to invite international artistes and troupes to participate in our celebrations every year.

  • 1990


    Night Parade

    For the first time, Chingay was held at night where fireworks and laser displays enhanced the magical feel of the event.

  • 1991


    Guinness Book Of World Records

    Chingay got our First Entry Into The Guinness Book of World Records for the world’s largest dancing lion. Singapore Mint released a $2 note depicting different ethnic groups participating in Chingay Parade.

  • 1997


    25th Anniversary

    Chingay Celebrates 25th Anniversary with Three Firsts - first time two parades were held, the first time a parade was held indoors and the first Chingay @Heartlands.

  • 1999


    Orchard Road Firecrackers

    Firecrackers Made Its Reappearance in Orchard Road at Chingay Parade.

  • 2000


    New Millenium at City Hall

    Chingay celebrated The Arrival of The New Millennium at City Hall, chosen as a venue of historical significance.

  • 2004


    Special Guest - Jackie Chan

    Chingay was catapulted to greater heights on the world stage when action superstar Jackie Chan Made A Special Guest Appearance at the parade.

  • 2007


    Members of Parliament Participation

    12 Post-65 Members Of Parliament were part of a special hip-hop performance which was one of the parade’s highlights.

  • 2008


    Chingay Parade of Dreams

    Chingay Parade started featuring a theme at every parade, staring with Chingay Parade of Dreams.

  • 2010


    F1 Pit Building

    Chingay moved to its current home at F1 Pit Building.

  • 2012


    360-Metre Waterway

    Chingay celebrated its 40th anniversary with the First Ever 360-metre Waterway which was set as the performing stage for the 8,000 performers.

  • 2015


    The Largest Showcase

    As part of the nation-wide SG50 Celebrations, Chingay present the Largest Showcase in Chingay History – featuring 11,000 performers and 18 magnificent floats.

  • 2017


    Remake of The First Tiger Float

    Chingay 45 was celebrated with the nostalgic re-enactment of iconic parade performances including the Remake Of The First Tiger Float.

  • 2019


    Commemoration of the Singapore Bicentennial

    Chingay Commemoration of the Singapore Bicentennial with a gift for the nation – a SB Painting depicting the “Past, Present and Future” co-created by three multi-disciplinary artists and the community. Chingay Parade 2019 also won the Best Arts and Culture Event Award presented by The Special Events

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