PA Talents


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PA Talents is Singapore's only multi-ethnic performing group. It comprises of seven performing units, namely:

  • PA Youth Chinese Orchestra-icon

    PA Youth Chinese Orchestra

  • Singapore Indian Orchestra and Choir-icon

    Singapore Indian Orchestra and Choir

  • PA Talents Dance Ensemble-icon

    PA Talents Dance Ensemble

The PA Talents is an important contributor to cross-cultural appreciation and understanding as its performances reach out to thousands of local and international audiences. The PA Talents forms the mainstay of the world renowned Chingay Parade, which is the People's Association's annual celebration of Singapore's cultural diversity and also an integral feature of the National Day Parade. By invitation of international organisations and diplomatic missions, the PA Talents has also represented Singapore at well-received concerts in many countries, including Vietnam, Netherlands and Mexico.

The performances of PA Talents promotes racial harmony and celebrate Singapore's unique cultures, enabling Singaporeans and the world to appreciate the beauty of our cultural diversity through music and dance.

PA Youth Chinese Orchestra-image

PA Youth Chinese Orchestra

The People’s Association Youth Chinese Orchestra (PAYCO) was established in 1981 and is part of the PA Talents group of orchestras. Besides nurturing young music talents in performing Chinese music, PAYCO also specialises in presenting Singapore’s multi-cultural diversity through Chinese musical instrument.

Singapore Indian Orchestra and Choir-image

Singapore Indian Orchestra and Choir

The Singapore Indian Orchestra and Choir (SIOC) was formed in 1985 and is part of the PA Talents group of orchestras. Through the years, SIOC also worked together with the other PA Talents groups to bring the community closer together by forging inter-ethnic engagement and building friendship. This also helps the audiences to better understand the different cultures through performing arts.

PA Talents Dance Ensemble-image

PA Talents Dance Ensemble

The PA Dance Ensemble comprises both contemporary and traditional multi-ethnic dance groups (Chinese, Malay and Indian). The uniqueness of the dance ensemble is its versatility in presenting modern and traditional dances on its own and collectively in a highly refreshing and contemporary style.


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